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Duct Cleaning: How Important is Your Indoor Air Quality?

Allergy From Dirty Air Ducts - Air Duct CleaningBetween vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and mopping, there are many ways in which you can keep your house free of dust, allergens, bacteria and toxins that not only cause unsightly messes but can also make you and your family ill. However, even valiant efforts at keeping counters, carpets and floors may not be enough to counter allergies, asthma and other adverse effects associated with dust and airborne particles. In fact, keeping dust, toxins and allergens under control can be practically impossible if you're ignoring a primary source of the problem - your air ducts. Although you may not ever give your air ducts a second thought, these passageways are crucial for maintaining air quality throughout your home. Air ducts are often ignored in routine cleanings, and when you sweep and vacuum surfaces and floors in your house, you may actually make your air ducts dirtier, as particles disturbed by the cleaning motion are pushed into the air and often become lodged in your air ducts. This can cause dust to be spread throughout your house whenever you use your heating or air conditioning systems. But that's not the only issue - when these particles come into contact with moisture in the air or in your ducts, an atmosphere conducive to the breeding of bacteria is created. Left unchecked, this can promote everything from unpleasant odors to stubborn allergies.


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